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Fasting Seasons and Days

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Fasting Seasons and Days

Pure Monday through Lazarus Saturday
The Great Lent
Palm Sunday evening through Great Saturday
Holy Week
Monday after All Saints through June 28
The Fast of the Holy Apostle
August 1 through August 14
The Dormition Fast
August 29
The Beheading of the Forerunner
September 14
The Elevation of the Precious Cross
November 15 through December 24
The Nativity Fast (Advent)
January 5
The Eve of Theophany
Each Wednesday and Friday, except during these four fast-free seasons:
  • December 25 through January 4
  • The week following the Sunday of the Pharisee & Publican
  • The week following Pascha (Bright Week)
  • The week following Pentecost

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