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Cycles of Feasts and Fasting - The Church Year

The first of September is considered the start of the Church year according to the Orthodox Church calendar. But the liturgical center of the annual cycle of Orthodox worship is the feast of the Resurrection of Christ. All elements of Orthodox liturgical piety point to and flow from Easter, the celebration of the New Christian Passover. Even the "fixed feasts" of the Church such as Christmas and Epiphany which are celebrated according to a fixed date on the calendar take their liturgical form and inspiration from the Paschal feast.

The  five links here retrive information from our online calendar.

  • Daily Calendar - Information links about any day from our database.
  • Monthly Calendar - Some information and links to the daily Calendar pages.
  • Fixed Feasts by Month - lists all the fixed feast days and can search for feast days also.
  • Movable Feast by Year - list the dates of the movable feasts by year.
  • Readings - lists the different cycles of readings, and has a display of how the cycles fall on a given mouth and year.

Articles in this section of our website will list the cycles of feast and fasts of our Church.

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