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The Way of the Pilgrim, Anonymous

The WayOf A Pilgrim

The Way of the Pilgrim

The Way of a Pilgrim is the timeless account of an anonymous wanderer who set out on a journey across nineteenth-century Russia with nothing but a backpack, some bread, and a Bible, with a burning desire to learn the true meaning of the words of St. Paul: "Pray without ceasing."   This classic book portrays the traditions and interior life of Eastern Orthodox spirituality. The original manuscript came into the hands of a monk on Mount Athos in the nineteenth century and was first published in 1884. These chronicles follow the author as he travels through mid-nineteenth-century Russia and Siberia, visiting monasteries and the shrines of the saints. ISBN 0060630175

Anonymous,The Way of the Pilgrim, SVS Press. (There are many other translations, and most include The Pilgrim Continues His Way.)

(This book is in our parish library.)

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