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This section of our website, is a collection of articles about the Orthodox Church. We hope the articles in this section will be helpful to inquires of Orthodoxy, Catechumens, and to those who are members of the Church.

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The Doctrine of Man Written by Fr. Thomas Hopko 1949
The Doctrine of Angels and Evil Spirits Written by Fr. Thomas Hopko 2020
The Doctrine of Creation Written by Fr. Thomas Hopko 1974
The Doctrine of God Written by Fr. Thomas Hopko 1795
The Doctrine of Faith Written by Fr. Thomas Hopko 1595
The Doctrine of Eternal Life Written by Fr. Thomas Hopko 1806
The Orthodox Church: An Introduction Written by Metropolitan Kallistos Ware 2406
The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit Written by Timothy Ware ( Bishop Kallistos of Diokleia) 1817
The Doctrine of Jesus Christ Written by Fr. Thomas Hopko 3132
The Doctrine of the Holy Trinity Written by Fr. Thomas Hopko 3229
Christian Life Written by Fr. Seraphim Slobodskoy 1763
Christian Dogma and Defending God's Truth Written by Archbishop Dmitri of Dallas 1458
What is Primary to Orthodox Spirituality? Written by Rick Burns 1329
God in Trinity Written by Bishop Kallistos 1955
The Calendar of the Orthodox Church Written by Dr. Lewis J. Patsavos, Ph.D. 1202
Our Time, Talent, and Treasure Written by Bishop Michael 1893
Infant Baptism in the Orthodox Church Written by Fr. Kaleeg Hainsworth 3970
Why Are Vigil Lamps Lit Before Icons Written by St. Nikolai of Ohrid and Zica 1889
State of the Soul After Death Written by Hieromonk Dionysios 2542
Death and the Toll House Contraversy Written by Deacon Andrew Werbiansky 2405
Life After Death Written by St. John Maximovitch 1906
Church's Belief in Guardian Angels Written by Fr. Patrick Reardon 1593
Holy Tradition: The Source of the Orthodox Faith Written by Bishop Kallistos Ware 3426
Ecclesiological notes Written by Fr. Alexander Schmemann 1188
Hymn to the Lesser Good Written by Archbishop John (Shahovskoy) 1824

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