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Articles on Saints and Icons

This section of our website, is a collection of articles about saints, their relics, or their icons. We hope to include articles, of special interest to our parish, on the saints who are depicted on our icons, or whose holy relics rest here. Articles on our feast day icons will be included here also.

Besides enhancing the beauty of our church, icons remind and instruct us in matters pertaining to the Christian faith. They can lift us up to the prototypes which they symbolize, to a higher level of thought and feeling, to help transform us and sanctify us. Icons can stimulate us to imitate the virtues of the holy personages depicted on them. They serve as a means of worship and veneration.

Good starting points would be:

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Title Author Hits
Joy of All Who Sorrow Icon Written by Site Administrator 618
Saints Peter and Paul Written by Saint Augustine 1146
Joy of All Who Sorrow - with coins Written by Site Administrator 1326
Mary of Egypt Written by St Sophronios 1413
John of San Francisco & Shanghai Written by Site Administrator 1114
Nicholas of South Canaan Written by Site Administrator 1336
Icons Written by Fr. Thomas Hopko 1679
The Theotokos Written by Archbishop Dmitri 1625
Church Art - Holy Tradition Written by Fr. Thomas Hopko 1680
The Saints - Holy Tradition Written by Fr. Thomas Hopko 2217
The Glorification of the Saints in the Orthodox Church Written by Fr. Joseph Frawley 1996
Introduction to the Lives of the Saints Written by Ven. Justin Popovich 2328
Peter the Aleut Written by OCA Website 1956
Juvenal, Protomartyr of America Written by OCA Website 2070
Alexander Hotovitzky Written by OCA Website 1914
John Kochurov Written by OCA website 2307
Jacob of Alaska Written by OCA Website 2249
Alexis Toth of America Written by Site Administrator 2119
Raphael of Brooklyn Written by OCA Website 2062
Innocent of Alaska Written by OCA Website 2060
Tikhon of Moscow Written by OCA Website 2085
Herman of Alaska Written by (OCA Website) 3350
Saints of North America Written by Site Administrator 2256
Who was Saint Valentine? Written by Site Administrator 2790
The Cross Written by Site Administrator 2256

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